Off The Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio, Episode 7


In this edition of Runner’s Radio, your host, Tavi Wallace, interviews Danny Chester, a UPS employee for over 26 years, who talks about how he is able to get enough sleep not only to function, but to wake up at 3:30 a.m. each morning and run before work.  Highlights of the interview include Chester’s big reveal that pickle juice is his marathon drink of choice, advice on racing in high tops, and how he manages his ultimate weakness — cheesecake!

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Off the Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio, Episode 5

In this extended episode, our host, Tavi Wallace, interviews April Woo, a seasoned Louisvillian runner.

In Part 1 of the interview, April discusses training like a champion, eating smart and what can happen when you run at 5 a.m.

In Part 2, she discusses a family-friendly rivalry, an emotional Boston Marathon experience, and “cutting Footloose.”


Off the Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio, Episode 4


In this program, Tavi interviews James Howard, a recent graduate of the University of Louisville.  He works at UPS and never thought he would become a distance runner. Now, he is planning to run an ultra-marathon in the near future. Generally, he lets his running do the talking.  In this interview, he takes a seat and instead does some talking about running.

Off the Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio, Episode 3

In this episode, Tavi interviews Jackie Cassady, product manager of renewable energy at Genscape.  Her Masters degree is an impressive combination of study areas in Public Health, Environmental Sciences, Food Safety and Epistemology from the University of Kentucky.  She talks about her personal records this past year in various race distances. She also discusses nutrition and the friends she’s made from running and racing under Team Fleet Feet.

Off The Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio, Episode 1

Off The Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio discusses local runners, local races and local runners running races (say that five times fast!)

The host of Off the Beaten Path:  Runners’ Radio is Tavi Wallace,  a 20-something runner and barista.  She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree from the University of Louisville in Communications and Spanish, with plans to start graduate school next year with a masters in marriage and family therapy. She enjoys traveling and has been to 12 countries (so far). She is a life-long vegetarian who tries to eat local as much as possible.

In this premiere episode, Tavi interviews Chloe Zimmerer, a graduate student in Bellarmine University’s Physical Therapy program.  She is a self-identified trail runner, and her pride and joy is her puppy, Marshall.


Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare, September 2016


In the opener, Harriett Seiler, Louisville health advocate, interviews Tom Moffett, retired minister and activist from Louisville, Kentucky.   Moffett has not been afraid to speak out on issues such as racism, police brutality, health care, equal rights, peace over war and the needs of youth and children which would include a single-payer healthcare plan for all.   In Congress, the Single Payer Bill, HR-676,  outlines a plan for “Medicare for all” and currently has over 60 sponsors.  This would go far to improve the US health care system which currently ranks 37th in the world — not first, as is so often claimed by many!

Next, Mark McKinley, member of Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare, interviews Kayla Trenholme, resident of Ontario, Canada, who describes her experiences as a Crohn’s patient in the Canadian “single payer” system.  She discusses how the system works for the patient, including eye exams, children’s dental care, mental health care, and pharmaceutical coverage, in addition to routine medical care.


For more information on Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare:


2 Angry Buds – July 2016 Edition


Mel & Vic contemplate recent massacres by both ISIS and plain old outraged men — are they perhaps just brothers from another mother?  The discussion then turns to the sorry state of the Republican party, as it launches its national convention in Cleveland, Ohio.  With a party platform that basically turns every federal thing (the FDA, the FCC, the EPA, public education, fresh water, federal lands, etc.) over to private corporations or state management, they wonder how that little issue of corporate profits might affect  we, the people’s future quality of life . . . not to mention the little problem of a Drumpf in the White House!

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