2 Angry Buds – June 2016 Edition

Mel & Vic return to the “airwaves” to recap their year of absence and agonize over how to spend millions of imaginary dollars.  Anyone else feel $4.8 million is a bit much to pay for a pair of speakers?  Hmmm.


Rhythm Science Podcast #3 w/ Yared Sound

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Monte Booker-Flight
octbr-u know what i need
Abhi Dijon Wait (Sango Seattle Rain Mix)
Sam Gellaitry-Temple
pyrmdplaza-Rush Feat Abjo
GRiZ ft Talib Kweli – For the Love (Autograf Remix)
sam gellaitry – to earth and back (oshi remix)
J Louis-Bringing Out The Best In Me
J Louis-LA Watts
Evil Needle and Sivey-Constructive Interference
ness-Bckup (Got It)
Masego X Medasin – Girls That Dance (tele rmx)
abjo-The World Is Mine
Neguim. – Bom Baile (Brazuka EP)
Aso – Never Leave
Unkown-Thank you
Netsky-Rio(Hush remix)
Silento – Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae) (Autolaser Remix)
Ganz-Cherry(Laetho Flip)

2 Angry Buds – July 2016 Edition


Mel & Vic contemplate recent massacres by both ISIS and plain old outraged men — are they perhaps just one and the same?  The discussion then turns to the sorry state of the Republican party, as it launches its national convention in Cleveland, Ohio.  With a party platform that basically turns every federal thing (the FDA, the FCC, the EPA, public education, fresh water, federal lands, etc.) over to private corporations or state management, they wonder how that little issue of corporate profits might affect  we, the people’s future quality of life . . . not to mention the little problem of a Drumpf in the White House!

Break on Through to the Other Side with Ruth Newman-MJ Kinman Interview


mj kinmanFor most of us, life is not a smooth journey of easy choices up the ladder of success.  This program showcases local folks who, at certain junctures in their lives, felt compelled to leave a bad job, marriage or other situation and to take a leap of faith toward their own personal desire for self fulfillment.  So, come along as we listen to MJ Kinman describe her life before and after making the decision to leave a high-level job to take the plunge into a deeper, more authentic expression of her true, radiant Self.

LouiEvolve Radio- LouiEvolve HH Fest and 420 W/ Special Guest Pronoun

Episode 4…20 of LouiEvolve Radio. TayALLDay and Pronoun, of The Analogous Enterprise, talk the recent, LouiEvolve Hip Hop and Arts Festival and listen to some (not exclusively) 420 inspired songs from local artists.


  1. Triumph – Analogous Enterprise
  2. The 1 – Otis Junior X Dr. Dundiff
  3. Shouldn’t Matter – Designer Flow
  4. All to Myself – Johnny Spanish
  5. Ice Cream – Jack Harlow
  6. Master Plan – Chris Woods
  7. Broadway – BRXTN
  8. 420 – Rob Lee feat. Tiara P
  9. Knowledge Seeking Fighters Freestyle – J Rite
  10. See You Shine – Joseph Auerman feat. Bonez and Jacob Holz
  11. Wākup – Sloe Pink
  12. 31 – Cobi X Ali (Produced by Axel Roley)
  13. High Today – Rosario feat. Lougz Gee
  14. Chevy Cruising – Big & Tall feat. Play

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Community Voices on Gun Violence


The Sower’s of Justice network has been gathering community voices as part of their on-going work around sowing a nonviolent city. Community members are being asked to engage around 4 questions.

“What does gun violence mean? What is gun safety? How many guns do you think are in you community? and Do you feel safe in your community?”

Through these questions Sower’s hopes to deepen conversation about the meaning of these concepts. In addition to creating audio narratives, below are some of the text based answers the project has been receiving.IMG_20160321_103644 IMG_20160321_103808 To Do List--Environmental Racism- cut map, add points for other articales To Do List--Environmental Racism- cut map, add points for other articales (1)


Louisville Community Radio