Off The Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio, Episode 1

Off The Beaten Path: Runners’ Radio discusses local runners, local races and local runners running races (say that five times fast!)

The host of Off the Beaten Path:  Runners’ Radio is Tavi Wallace,  a 20-something runner and barista.  She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree from the University of Louisville in Communications and Spanish, with plans to start graduate school next year with a masters in marriage and family therapy. She enjoys traveling and has been to 12 countries (so far). She is a life-long vegetarian who tries to eat local as much as possible.

In this premiere episode, Tavi interviews Chloe Zimmerer, a graduate student in Bellarmine University’s Physical Therapy program.  She is a self-identified trail runner, and her pride and joy is her puppy, Marshall.


2 Angry Buds – June 2016 Edition

Mel & Vic return to the “airwaves” to recap their year of absence and agonize over how to spend millions of imaginary dollars.  Anyone else feel $4.8 million is a bit much to pay for a pair of speakers?  Hmmm.


Open Mic Debate Metro Council district 4

This debate was held at the Main Branch Louisville Free Public Library on May 12th 2016.

Candidates for District 4 Metro Council in attendance:

Bryan Burns

Barbara Sexton-Smith

Marshall Gazaway

Welcome, introduction and sponsors.


District 4 candidates on funding allocations


Economic development in low income neighborhoods.


Loss of affordable housing in District 4


Candidate’s topics of concern and final statements.

Community Voices on Gun Violence……A Story about Marty……

Forward Radio has been working in collaboration with the Sower’s of Justice Network to gather our community voices and stories as they related to lived experiences of gun violence. This story is the heart-felt telling of the lasting effects suicide has on the ones that are left behind.

This project is seeking to provide counter narrative to the messaging  and media being presented in the lead up the the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) national convention being held in Louisville, May 19th-22nd…….for a list of community counter events, you can access the Sower’s schedule here…..

If you have your own story you would like to share with this project, you can email us at

Metro Council Open Mic Debate: District 2

This debate was held at Newburg Middle School on May 10th 2016. District 2 Candidates present :

Barbara Shanklin(incumbent)

Rasean Crawley

Rick Harrison

Caroline Grundy

Introductions and Metro Council Explained

Vacant Lots and Maintenance budgets

Metro Council Accessibility and Transparency

Economic Development

Sub-committee decisions

Candidates history of service in District 2

Thoughts on Metro Gov involvement in Public/private development



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