One small step for man… One giant step for media democracy!

Thanks to all our donors and volunteers, FORward Radio’s broadcast antenna was installed January 26, 2017 on the roof of the Heyburn Building downtown at 4th and Broadway (also the site of our new studio!). ┬áDreams are quickly becoming reality and we want YOU to be a part of the radio magic!!

Now is the time to get involved and help shape the programming you’ll hear on FORward Radio, WFMP 106.5 FM Louisville!

  1. Please DONATE to our $3000 campaign to raise the additional funds we need to cover the first six months of broadcasting. Tax-deductible contributions of any amount welcome!
  2. Take our brief SURVEY to let us know what kinds of programming you most want to hear and how you intend to listen.
  3. PITCH US programming that you would like to help create!

Let’s do this, Louisville!